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Terms and Conditions

Home / About Us / Terms and Conditions


Failure to comply with the terms and conditions set forth below may result in immediate suspension of service, without the possibility of requesting the re-pocketed the money paid. Please read this document carefully before hiring any of our services.


From any of our servers Streaming, transmission of violent, sexist, xenophobic, defamatory, discriminatory, sexual or engage in any illegal activity or content apology is strictly prohibited.

Which are directly or indirectly related to environmental damage or to living beings.

PeruLatinoHosting not responsible for the content of the radio service and the user must take care of individuals for the service that transmits, if applicable the same licenses.


From any of our servers Hosting it is prohibited sending SPAM or mass mailings.

Web sites programmed in ASP, PHP, CGI or any other technology supported by the server should not have a time greater than 30 seconds execution. Customer accounts resellers are subject to the same features mentioned in these terms and conditions.

If your account exceeds the contracted resources, the technical department will contact you to tell them they have to extend your account to a wider or plan, hire more resources to your plan (if available). In case of refusal or no answer within the next 48 working hours, the account will be suspended for 5 days.

The customer can make a request to install their own software provided you have a valid license. The support includes the installation of the customer's request, which must provide it. The facility will be subject to consideration of technical support and will be made if the software overcomes certain security checks, stability and compatibility with the server where it will be installed.

The installation software does not include editing HTML or similar pages, that Webmaster borne by the customer.


International domains belong to the person or institution that registered. In addition to the existing legal agreements to service international domain registration, the following apply:

PeruLatinoHosting reserves the right to display the website or any other related PeruLatinoHosting displayed in those domains that are not being used and whose DNS correspond to those of our servers and also do not have a hosting account active.

The above excludes domains registered by our resellers, meaning that people reseller or institutions with an Active Reseller and whose domain is registered under that account.

PeruLatinoHosting not responsible for misuse of domains, however all SPAM technique, send spam or bulk email is prohibited from our servers may result in immediate suspension of the domain..

Domains that are not renewed before its expiration date, can have a higher cost for renewal; which it is from U $ S 90.00, returning to normal renewal price in the next renewal date. To prevent that from happening, consider their renewal dates and perform actions before they expire your domain.


Backup PeruLatinoHosting carries its own system, however the customer should be responsible for the backup of your data.

The customer can make your backup from the administrative panel of your hosting and download as many times as necessary.


The customer is responsible for the administration of your server and backs it up. No contents of phishing sites or sending SPAM allowed.

It is guaranteed for each of the pieces that contains the server, we being responsible for the change in them in no longer than 4 hours.

Your data and emails provided be an analyzed in fraudrecord.com and spamhaus.org If your data is registered in these accounts, your server is to be suspended immediately or not delivered and there will be no refund of money, as this harms enormentente Our IPs and brings us further problems, please check if your data is stored on one of these pages and avoid hiring our services if it is listed on these websites.


PeruLatinoHosting has policies and flexible debt payment. When hiring a plan, Reseller account, domain or server, it will be activated on the same day that the recruitment was received. It is taken as an active period from the time the account is activated, and not from the time the first payment was recorded.

Payout every 30, 60, 90 days or as the period agreed with the client but always in ranges of 30 days and 3 reminders before payments are sent to the court date (not mandatory).

If your hosting account or Reseller is suspended, there will be a reconnection fee of U $ S 10.00, to avoid this, simply ask to contact us and ask that the service does not pass this state Without you own a dedicated server and this is suspended, the cost of reconnection is U $ s 20.00.

For your account is activated, you must have no outstanding bill payment and must have made the payment for cost of reconnection.

If a debt with PeruLatinoHosting, your account will not be deleted from our servers unless you have exceeded 2 months and you do not contact us indicating causes of debt or payment date. Once your account has more than 2 months debt, it will be disabled unless the user has contacted the department has given cause payments and debt or payment date.


Should not be satisfied with the services provided by PeruLatinoHosting, the company will pay to listen to your complaints, problems or reasons why this unhappy and make the necessary for that to not happen again or correct mistakes actions. It is the obligation of users to make their complaints to the company to find a solution to it.


If you want to terminate his contract with PeruLatinoHosting, you must do so by sending an email to area payments, reporting that you no longer wish to have the services. Otherwise it will continue to count as an asset.

There will be no refund or money back, when the client requests the termination or suspension of the service before the end of the contract / expiry.

For servers Dedicated / Reselles Accounts must be notified at least 10 days before the cancellation of it and not have any debt.


PeruLatinoHosting reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at will, such modifications being required from the publication of the modified term on its website.

Any changes to these terms will be accomplished PeruLatinoHosting considers that it is appropriate and is responsibility to ensure knowledge of such changes.

The violation of any of these rules and others not specifically detailed here but that prejudice in any way directly or indirectly PeruLatinoHosting reserves the right to take any measures deemed relevant and may be temporary suspension of service, an account of a domain or more until the final fall of the service or domain.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our terms and conditions you can use the following ways of contact to communicate with us.


Office : + 51 (01) 4640865
Cell phone : + 51 (01) 941854392
RPM Movistar : + 51 (01) #941854392
Skype : To call / Agregar
Whatsapp : +51 941854392